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tv   [untitled]    January 28, 2011 11:30pm-12:00am EST

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this is don't see that. they can gyptian president says he will dissolve the government but remain in time on its toes defined kathie's to clash with police and the country is full of unrest comparisons already big made between the rest of the arab world and the color revolutions in the post soviet countries over the poles to . russia's state duma is considering time to security measures including and on to terror warning system after monday's so sudden bomb at moscow's demitted of apple from which that's five done made several albums officials have already paid for had a family is the means to the end trade. and stock reduction treaty
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between moscow and washington is signed by president clinton that is the first such agreement in two decades it's not just expected to come into things at the start of next month's weapons but i think that. as the headline is on the second part of the i don't know it's coming up next. well it's time for tonight's tool time award and we're giving it to every single strip club owner in dallas see the super bowl is next weekend in texas and strip club owners are worried that there simply aren't enough strippers in town to meet the demand that's right there is a stripper shortage in dallas and the area's triplex clubs are on the lookout for an additional ten thousand girls that are ready to shake their butts and make a little cash now t.m.c.
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reported that for the super bowl a comfortable tourist a stripper ratio is about thirty to one but at the present time the dallas area has no where near that number of girls on hand their ratio is about ten to one so that's looking like a serious shortage i wonder if the n.f.l. super bowl commission knew about this troubling problem when they awarded the super bowl to see the game between green bay and pittsburgh is expected to bring about three hundred thousand fans to the dallas fort worth area for several days but i have an even bigger question for the strip club owners the cowboys stadium was awarded the super bowl several years ago and now we're a week away you're suddenly in a panic didn't you advertise for strippers and come up with a plan sounds like poor management on your part and now what are all these horny men going to when they're visiting texas zeitz america at its bite is here football beer strippers and we i'm just wondering when the panix going to start setting in that dallas has run out of miller lite and buffalo wings but hey if people want to
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side is trip over with their super bowl have at it now as for all you club owners shame on you for waiting until the last minute to fill the stripper void and that's why you are tonight's trial time winner. holds no secret that as the internet becomes more popular the ratings for some of the biggest t.v. networks in the us. are plummeting over half of americans say that they no longer trust the quote most trusted name in news to report those current events fairly but why is it the news networks are losing the trust of their viewers are going to take a look at what's wrong with the pictures that americans are seeing on their t.v. . everyone seems to know that he who pays the piper gets to call the town. in the us paying the piper and running the show are corporations that you may call what americans see hear and read it's a money maker it's a cash cow people don't think that there's any money in the media i mean aside from
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health care these days there's probably the media is the industry of the twenty first century half a century ago fifty corporations rammed a major networks and newspapers since then a rapid concentration of media ownership has resulted in a near media monopoly spearheaded by a lucky few pumping money from the news cash cow and piping corporate interests to the viewers and readers you may think the danger of this kind of media concentration is that it robs democracy of diversity it robs viewers from being exposed to a wider range of views. analysts say the u.s. is living in the golden age of media bias. it's never been easier for them to find out exactly who's behind what where the conflicts of interest are topping the list of owners rupert murdoch and his empire the news corp you having a global media enterprise if you shake that agenda at all you know it intends i
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mean we tried. murdoch stands over fox news channel the wall street journal and the new york post the fox channel is definitely seen as the most partisan and the most focused on advancing a particular political party at a political interest so is this because of. definitely there's no doubt about it. general electric one of the largest military contractors for the u.s. government plus comcast one of america's largest cable providers are joined by the hip running the n.b.c. network the floor of the hudson river is covered with carcinogenic p c b s these talks to generate dangerous chemicals that were put there by general electric general electric owns n.b.c. and b c has not taken any trouble to report on this massive environmental story. with the innocent face of mickey mouse as their trademark disney is the proud owner of a.b.c. when a.b.c. was bought by disney and there were some a.b.c.
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stories about improprieties that disneyland is the world disney killed those c.n.n. and time magazine belong to time warner joining the media giants are c.b.s. corporation towering over c.b.s. news and viacom a global entertainment content company running among others comedy central they're supposed to afflict the comfortable and comfort the afflicted but when you have journalists treading lightly around corporate and governmental elites it almost defeats the reason for their even existing the purpose of existence for corporations is profit meaning investors interests are pleased to head of anything else that would matter in journalism good business is bad journalism good journalism is bad business broadcaster laura flanders says counting on getting facts from the corporate media is simply naive we can't be reliant on military contractors g. to bring us news about the war any more than we can be reliant upon television
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networks that are run by disney to bring us the truth about what's happening in our economy media are increasingly monopolized the number of voices interested in bringing their viewers a little something called truth has decreased as a result instead of representing journalism the media have become. love to look for a shift in the future of archie. and an age where threats of terrorism seem to be everywhere it's no secret that intelligence agencies are always working to find new ways to detect bombs we've got robots that can defuse bombs dogs that can sniff out bombs and explosives better actually than the military's handheld devices or robots but now it looks like plants can sniff too not to be one up by the dogs the department of defense is currently working on creating plants that can sniff out explosives or dangerous chemical weapons they've awarded a grant for eight million dollars to colorado state university to program plants to
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change colors so here's how it works perfectly when a plan to text chemical weapons or explosives that plant will turn white within a few hours but the goal of this program is that the plants will change colors within minutes of detecting the materials which scientists actually say is very possible now scientists also say that cameras can be installed to detect when the plants change colors creating an instant alert for security especially in places like airports now personally i'm up about this project just think about how this would benefit everybody if these bomb sniffing plants actually worked and ended up in airports throughout those pointless x. ray body scanners make the security lines go faster and all while you're surrounded by some beautiful greenery rather than nasty t.s.a. agents just shows you what nature can really do. now the story of lax and endangered western pacific gray whale has a standard researchers left them scratching their heads last october the thirteen
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year old whale was tagged off the an island in eastern russia his feeding grounds but on january third he unexpectedly began swimming towards alaska through bad weather and rough seas traveling at a minimum of seven kilometers an hour and researchers have been tracking this journey they say that he could be in northern. that cooper island waters by the weekend now the western pacific gray whale is the second most endangered species of large whales in the world with a maximum of one hundred and thirty left so where is this guy going all by himself joining me to discuss it is dr bruce may director of the marine mammal institute at oregon state university bruce thank you so much for joining us or would you prefer dr may to go to let me know i want like just. tell me how long you personally have been tracking this whale and you know since he decided to take this unexpected journey. well we put the tag on no my group did and elaboration with russian
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colleagues on the fourth of october so for about the first sixty eight days he hung around seattle an island where we tagged him and that's his feeding area but this trek across the bering sea and now down through the aleutian islands and into the gulf of alaska is really exciting what tell us why this is out of so exciting you know what's what's selling usual about it exactly well the leading hypothesis before we started this with this animal is probably going to go south and wind up in the south china sea a sort of a parallel circumstance with what's going on in the eastern grey whale population and i say eastern north pacific the ones that go down the north american coast go down to mexico to breed and get out and so not only is it not going where we thought it might but it's crossing of the bering sea it's been just almost like an arrow it's been within a few degrees of sixty five degrees in chile at the time of its shelf and we didn't realize these animals were capable of large open water deep water navigation
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they've always been thought of as a near shore animal so that's been surprising and now that he's south of the aleutian chain we've never seen the great whales cross the gulf of alaska they always have the shoreline and so there's just a lot of surprises here for us now how closely have u.s. researchers and russian scientists and researchers been cooperating in tracking this whale threat. oh this is very much a hand in glove operation so yeah the russians have done all the permit ing they are supplied the logistics they have a lot of expertise with these whales and studying them for over a decade and so most of the animals through a u.s. russian team have been identified by photo identification and genetics and there's actually quite a bit known that's how we know that the sierra was a chaos in one thousand nine hundred seven and so now just fourteen years old i'm
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carious is there any proof that he's really making this trip all alone because i know that when they were trying to tag these whales they were trying to tag twelve of them and they ended up only getting this one getting flecks yeah you're absolutely right we had to tysons into gales in a six week period at sea so we were very fortunate tag on the last day of our operations we don't have any proof but with one hundred thirty animals in the group there's no real suggestion with bailey in wales that they have long term bonds even the mother calf bond breaks down after weaning so probably most of these animals are travelling independently. it would be exciting to think there were others from the group and that's one of the reasons why we're going to try to go out reunite with this animal soon take photographs of all the other whales that are in his presence so that we can actually do that if you look and see if any of the other hundred thirty are there and there may be other destinations where there were other animals in that population are going and they may include some of the places we previously thought would be to candidates we really don't know very much about
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these animals at all so is there any chance let's say that he doesn't make it all the way you know to alaska or vancouver is where they're saying that he might be this weekend as any chance that they're going to mix with the eastern pacific gray whales and we're going to see you know some kind of mating here or something. well i think the chances of seeing the mating is pretty remote have used up all of that and relisting to protect that privacy but yeah we do think that he's going to be in the stream of the eastern great whale north wales migration path here very shortly and we continue to see mating even when that population is returning from mexico alaska feeding grounds during march and april so there's there are possible opportunities for this young young male to be mating with is eastern north pacific counterparts now quickly mention the call cooperation between russian and u.s. scientists here do you think that despite all political divisions scientists and researchers are somehow always manage to find a way to be above the fray and work together you know i think people who have their
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hearts in the right place that they go into fields like this because they're very interested in committed and so yeah i think you know we have a very good relationship and we're hoping that we get especially with the interest in flex from this year's track we will get to go back and tag the rest of those twelve animals next summer. well it's definitely a very interesting story and we'll keep following flexors journey as well verse thanks so much for joining us i'm glad you can follow it on the web with the rest of us thank you thank you. now still to come on tonight's show we have our friday fireside chats and then something new it's happy hour time hobby joined by our team producer jenny churchill alanson capital and tonight we'll chat about our favorite stories of the week you don't want to miss.
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to tonight's fireside fridays be your host of the moon comes. this week there are many new and confusing developments and the case of p.f.c. bradley manning who is being held to quantico in solitary confinement although he hasn't been convicted of any crime last week david house. and jane hamsher were on their way to visit manning to deliver a petition signed by forty two thousand people against his inhumane treatment but they were detained just long enough for visiting hours to end on monday n.b.c.'s chief pentagon correspondent report of the all forty s. have been unable according to anonymous officials to find any link between manning in the sun and on tuesday c.n.n. reported that brig commander james avery hart was being investigated for putting manning on suicide watch without having the authority to do so yet three hours later c.n.n. polled that story now rather than answering any direct questions as to how the
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military can explain manning's treatment it seems as if the d.o.d. is a bit of a loss when it comes to coming up with a coherent message geoff morrell the pentagon's press secretary in fact skirted many questions in a press press briefing this week instead telling the press that they're hard at work building the case and that he admonishes journalist to proceed with caution so what exactly should they be cautious that of asking the difficult questions of the pentagon clearly doesn't know how to answer maybe they never expected all this media attention and a case where they're holding a man who has not been convicted of any crime under inhumane conditions today mcclatchy reported that the army had been warned not to send manning to iraq when he was still stationed at fort drum that he had throwing chairs a colleague shouted at high ranking soldiers and this is also according to anonymous military officials familiar with the case now some have called that
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a smear piece clearly trying to paint the picture that manning does have bendel health problems and had them before he was put in solitary confinement now honestly i don't know but the timing is rather interesting while there are still so many unanswered questions there is one thing that is absolutely clear the d.o.d. does not know what to say on this one does not know how to defend their actions and that gives me the impression that they know they're doing something wrong. i. also and i were introducing a new segment called alone as happy hour you know there are the stories that you hear on the news and there are those that you hear over dinner or out of bar the
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conversation starters a don't require an expert to fill you in on who or why or how just good company so what we're going to do on fridays from now on is take a little break from the officialdom and just let go so joining me for my very first happy hour the see things are r t producers lucy kept up and jenny churchill girls thanks for being here with me cheers. i want to start off with the catholic church you know every day on this show i have to talk about hypocrisy and what governments are being hypocritical and what they're saying or their actions are and then you always get reminded that there is somebody that has beats everyone else out when it comes to have ocracy and that is of course the catholic church you know it's not ok to use condoms especially not for women now only it isn't for what male prostitutes or something like that that was their recent announcement but but breaking news the pope has officially blessed social media he thinks that it's a good thing but then again he kind of took that back and said it cautioned people
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not to replace a virtual friends with real friends and i think that i figured out why i think it's because well let's face it we have the perfect clip that shows that the pope really really loves his face to face contact. i love it it's probably more action than the poor guy has gotten in his entire lifetime but i don't think the thing that really struck me about the story is i feel like he was being a little hypocritical here i mean he's talking about you know how we have to stay away from the evil into webs because they make us into social and not focus on the important things in life but at the same time he's advocating for spreading the christian presence on the internet so i have to say you know at the end of the day i mean i guess that's a step up from the old school p.r.
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move move to the churches to implement the main question so i guess bonus points for them for i was actually going to say he was being non hypocritical and he had he had to say what he said because he has his own website hope to you which is basically. pope to be hope to you and it tells you how you can get to all of his different social networking sites facebook stuff like that and what i love about it is if he had said you know social networking is bad then he'd be condoning his own actions his own website that i'm sure the guys never even touched your computer i mean let's be realistic about it you never know you know i mean maybe you're not allowed to say these kind of things about the catholic church but i'm sure you have such a computer maybe he's checked out a little you know boy. and they're all here. sure i don't have a church you should be a little bit afraid of social networking because then people are going to start communicating with each other sharing their horror stories and it's going to come
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back to haunt the flyers that will smoothly transitioning from social networking i want to talk about a different sort of network and this one is about a network of elite right wing billionaires who are having a really fun party this weekend near palm springs california talking about the koch brothers of course and. they're gathering as they do every year but what's different about this year is that we have a whole host of progressive dudes who are going there to rally and uncloak the evil right wing conspiracy and save democracy well this used to be a big secret and of course now in the last year or so the koch brothers have become like the ultimate evil and america's. we have a whole bunch of protesters going but let me just tell you why it's not going to work these guys are rich and money other people with money and they said that this year forty percent of their attendance are new so it's not like the same old very people just keep funneling through their new people that are now interested in being a part of the entire coke phenomenon and they're going to be there i don't think you know if you protesters are going to scare them off with oh sorry what upsets me
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about this is people are all worked up about a symptom and not the cause of our problem i mean when we really get down to it the problem here is that the power is no longer with the american people it's in the pockets of businessmen and you know if we're going to go after someone we need to go after the cause we need to go after career politicians we need to level the playing field when it comes to campaigns we need to stop misleading ads that are meant to confuse the american public and you know basically all i have to say about this is if you're not for putting the power back in the hands of american people that you don't believe in america and you can see yourself to the border and have a nice day as nice it would do you know i do agree with you but then at the end of the day the fact of the matter is that money rules this country whether you're talking about the evil koch brothers on the right or the soros funded look that way i find it interesting i'm happy that you mention george soros because you know where all the left wing protesters that are angry about a right bunch of rich people getting together and controlling everything when it comes to george showers i mean you you have to admit i mean i just i don't know
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what the answer is because at the end of the day if you have money then you can influence elections by funding campaigns but if you don't think there's a revolving door between k. street and wall street well what are you going to change i mean these guys get into office you know they get their ideas for policy from think tanks depending on whatever political leaning they have they have the lobbying donations from various organizations i mean what do you aside from honestly what else in your citizenship and moving somewhere else like maybe the bahamas to chill out by the beach not think about that stuff what is there to you about it i mean i don't live running out of time a little bit here but i think this is going to be a boring party it's just going to be a bunch of old fat ugly white. it's speaking of all to me too there's a really awesome story this week it's a report that came out of my alma mater indiana university and basically what they did was they wanted to find out you know what the impact of all these hot news anchors on television is so they did a study and saw you know if a woman is wearing tight fitting clothing and necklace maybe some red lipstick will
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be received differently than if she's wearing something from lipstick no naturalist well what they found was that the male viewers were not able to retain information from someone who was sexed up but now that is a really shut off if you want to show you know i mean i don't know any guy that can retain information but you know i mean look the fact of the matter is t.v. use a visual medium and it's a competitive business so anyone who you know is surprised by the fact that networks put on hot babes to talk about stuff is just being delusional if you know i think it's just you know no art is to be an attractive person in this world because no matter what you say nobody's going to listen you guys we have to wrap it up but thanks for joining me on my very first hour and cheers until next time well that's it for tonight's show thanks for tuning in to make sure you come back on monday i'll be taking more in-depth look into the koch brothers conference that's happening over the weekend in palm springs but in the meantime don't forget to become a fan of the alone a show on facebook and follow us on twitter and if you missed any of tonight's show or any other night you can always catch it all the you tube dot com slash the of
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ownership or post the interviews as well as the show you nice and tidy coming up next is the news with the latest headlines from the u.s. and around the world. this is not a theatrical sit. this is a real correctional facility. is there any cultural life behind us. could transform a criminal. and. really revolutionized the penitentiary system. prison. to the land developed by cossacks in ancient times. now
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to the center of russian defense production. christianity and shamanism existed side by side for centuries. people in remote villages a cut off from the basics we take for granted. to the republic russia close up on r.t. . the strangest attempt of a. president trying to overthrow a foreign country's government but his strategic games must. recognize its defeat. if cuba managed to cope with. the cuban missile crisis games in reality.


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